10 websites with free images for email marketing campaigns


If you do not have images to use in your campaigns or the budget to buy some, one way is to use free images from specialized websites, where you can find free pictures or illustrations for your email marketing campaigns, landing pages and so on.

When creating an email marketing, one of the critical points is the balance between quantity of text vs. the number of images. There are two reasons to keep that in mind:

  1. To please your customer avoiding long text and having images that illustrate the text attractively and interestingly;
  2. To prevent your email message to be flagged as spam. Email servers check the message seeking for the proportion between image and text. Messages with more images than text have more chances to be classified as spam.

The internet has tons of images available. However, that does not mean that the pictures are free to use. Always check the copyrights to find if the author allows or not the usage – paying or not – of the asset that you are interested.

We’ve listed 10 websites that offer free images, see below:

1 – Magdaleine

The images are organized by categories and colors, you can search abstract images, animal images or by the predominant color.

2 – Compfight

This site has free and paid images. The collection of paid images is more extensive and with more options but still a good source for free images as well. It has options of abstract images, with animals, people, plants, among other types and subjects.

3 – Free Images

One of the oldest websites for this purpose, having images in high resolution.

4 – Pexels

A considerable range of photos available – in average 3,000 new photos per month. This website is easy to search for any kind of professional picture.

5 – Foddie’s Feed

A website for those who work with restaurants, cafes, gastronomy. They are images of dishes, cooking utensils, drinks served, all very exquisite and appetizing.

6 – Free Nature Stock

Images related to nature. The website is updated with a brand new image every day.

7 – Freepik

It’s a neat website with free vectors for download. Separated by categories, you can find a wide variety, well-produced material.

8 – RGBStock

The images available on the website are divided into categories. Stock photos, backgrounds or abstract pictures are easy to find here.

9 – StockVault

Business, woman, love or people are some of the categories available for searching on this website. It has a great variety of images.

10 – Photl

On the homepage of the website, you can see a panorama of what it offers. Below the images, which appear very small, they have suggestions of keywords to search for what is needed.