How to create and maintain an ideal list of emails?


One of the most critical steps to getting a better result through email marketing is to have an engaged list of contacts. Imagine sending an email with a promotion to people who have registered on your site showing interest in a specific product? Undoubtedly, the result will surprise!

Think and Reflect
Email marketing is one of the forms of digital marketing that is proven to deliver the most return. But it’s no use having millions of contacts if there is no engagement.

Creating a contact list is an achievement! Attract the customer to your site and show them the full benefits of receiving your campaigns and promotions. Once the contact is on your list, keeping it will be a constant challenge.

Be sure to submit relevant content. This is a critical issue in digital marketing, whatever your segment; the fact that the quality of the customer list is directly related to their willingness to receive the content.

With this in mind, we have prepared 3 items that we consider to be extremely important for managing your email list:

Use Double Opt-In

The double opt-in consists of the following: someone subscribes to your contact list through some newsletter form or event registration on your site.
A confirmation email will then be sent to the contact; if he/she confirms it, will become part of your list.
With this approach, you will be avoiding much of the bad reputation caused by spam reports.
View-through and click rates for double opt-in databases are typically up to 20% larger

Extra protection against competition
Yes, unfortunately, there are competitors who register emails from other people on your list just to generate complaints against you. It is a tremendous bad faith, quite common, and the double opt-in is the most effective known mechanism against this unfair practice.


Do email list targeting

Segmentation is merely grouping your contacts into subgroups. These subgroups will serve as targets for marketing actions directed to subjects that are of interest to the contact, origin, and type of relationship.
It’s not enough to be opt-in. It is necessary not to flood your customer’s inbox with campaigns that do not interest them. Segmentation is directly related to the maintenance of the list, to keep the customer in the base without it being disregarded.
Your actions should not be a nuisance. If this happens, opt-outs will occur at a higher rate than the base replacement, substantially damaging its reach.

Clean your base periodically.

The list of contact without regular maintenance decrease about 23% per year. In about 4 years, the base of contacts that are not renewed becomes impracticable for e-mail marketing
Remember, the contacts are real people, who exchange personal email, work or even die.
Then you should create metrics that allow you to gauge whether contacts have lately been interacting with the campaigns you’ve performed, and to exclude emails that no longer respond.
The initial cleaning serves to improve the quality of your base because it increases the efficiency of your actions on it, but above all, it protects the reputation of your domain and senders.

Protect your base from spamtraps

Sending emails to people who no longer exist, can cause problems for your reputation with providers!
There are fake emails called SPAMTRAPS which are usually emails from people whose email accounts have been inactivated because of no use, but which are then used as a trap to catch someone who does SPAM.

If you send a SPAMTRAP, get ready for a big headache because it’ll cost a lot to recover the reputation of a domain detected as a spammer.