Image optimization in digital marketing campaigns


The size of images from an email or website is a decisive factor for a good performance of a marketing campaign.

What can you do?

The effects on your customer

Internet campaigns, especially email marketing or hot promotional sites, should be displayed quickly. But, why?
Because people follow impulses when it comes to seeing content and interacting with them. What attracts attention first is clicked and remembered, but what if it takes time to load?

Think: Would you expect something you can not see right away?
To see one email?
Perhaps. But this is not usually the case. People will look at other content and forget about yours.

The reality is this: People will close the email or the website it takes to open and look at other content. And then you lost a new business, audience and especially money.

The solution is image optimization. It is estimated that this process reduces the size of an image by up to 70%. Also, optimized images provide increased click-through-per-view and reduced data traffic, which is also interesting if you consider that more and more people are using smartphones every day to look at their emails and navigate. Of course, the content is also relevant, but it needs to be appropriately presented. Otherwise, the content will not affect the conversion of leads.

When dealing with images keep in mind the following:

Use images that are up to 90kb, noting the image quality and image type.
Vector drawings with flat graphics have few colors and are quite light and interesting to use, because, in .png or .gif format, they offer reduced size without visible loss of quality.
In the case of photos, JPG format with 80% of quality is the most indicated.

Mail2Easy features image optimization

On Mail2Easy when you send very large images to the gallery, the image optimization option is automatically activated, allowing you to configure the final image size and quality yourself.

Check out also some free online services for optimization of images

We have selected some of the best online image optimization services that will help you a lot when setting up your emails and marketing campaigns, with the convenience of not having to install any applications.