The importance of SPF, CNAME and DKIM to improve deliverability


Email is one of the primary corporate and personal media communication on the internet. Currently, those who work professionally with email, especially email marketing, need to have specific security settings that guarantee the credibility and responsibility to have better results with email deliverability.


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Nowadays, almost everything has become SPAM in the eyes of those who use the internet. Elaborating an email marketing that is not considered as such, is a challenging task, and that requires some particular technical care.



Email providers have created mechanisms to filter out useless (and sometimes dangerous) content and prevent them from reaching the inbox of email boxes. However, there are some techniques, which serve to prove that you are actually sending the email without bad intentions.


We will talk about 3 most important terms, which you should not only know but also keep appropriately configured:

Sender Policy Framework – SPF

SPF is a technology that aims to combat unauthorized sending of messages on behalf of a specific domain, certifying through a text include which IPs are authorized to send on behalf of your domain. It is from this configuration that the provider of the recipient, will be sure that this campaign is yours.

DKIM – Domain Keys Identified Mail

DKIM consists of signing the messages of your submissions with a public key, to guarantee the authenticity of your sender. Unlike SPF, which checks the envelope (who is sending), DKIM checks the message header and certifies to the recipient that the content has not changed until it reaches its box.

Canonical Name – CNAME

The CNAME setup is responsible for customizing links and associating your domain with URLs of unsubscribe links, external view, and images used in your campaign.


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