Engagement of contacts and deliverability

Engaging your recipients in email marketing campaigns is a critical factor in accepting content by providers. Hotmail and Gmail were the first to adopt this criterion. In the past, the primary factor analyzed by email providers to identify whether or not they would be accepted were content (negative words, suspicious links) or the reputation of […]

How to avoid blocking images in email?

Did you know that more than 40% of email campaigns arrive in the recipient’s box with images blocked by default? Why do images in email arrive blocked? Find all this in this special post on the topic. Causes of the problem The main reason why images in emails are blocked is that of security settings […]

DMARC – Learn why it’s important to configure

What is DMARC? DMARC is an acronym for “Authentication, Reporting and Compliance Domain-Based Message,” is a standardization proposal to guarantee the authenticity of an e-mail, and has been very well accepted and widely adopted, including by significant players such as Google and Microsoft. In October 2015, Google committed to adopt and implement stricter DMARC policies, […]

The importance of SPF, CNAME and DKIM to improve deliverability

Email is one of the primary corporate and personal media communication on the internet. Currently, those who work professionally with email, especially email marketing, need to have specific security settings that guarantee the credibility and responsibility to have better results with email deliverability.   Stay tuned for details Nowadays, almost everything has become SPAM in […]