Updating your contacts with Mail2Easy Automation Tool


One of the automation triggers available in Mail2Easy is especially useful for situations where a change in contact information should generate some kind of email sending.

It’s the “Subscriber Update” trigger. A practical example of its use is sending a reminder email to customers who eventually delay the payment. To do this, you need to create a field with a name of “Payment status.” To avoid having different values for the same status as “Pending” and “Debtor,” which would make the use of the trigger unfeasible, we recommend that the field is a “Single Values List” type with two predefined options. These values can be “Paid” and “Pending”, for example.

Once the field is created, it is time to schedule the automation. Go to Campagins> Automation and click New Automation.

Choose the trigger Subscriber Update …

… and choose the “Payment Status” field. Define that this trigger should be added when the field becomes “Pending”.

Now, just set when the action should happen. For the above example, sending immediately, when a customer turns to be pending, seems to be the most appropriate option. Choose the “Send Email.”

And then prepare the message to be sent.

An important tip: Updating your contact base information should be done periodically so that the system can identify when there are any changes. Preferably, for this automation example, the update should be daily. This can be done automatically through scheduled recurring imports. Mail2Easy can fetch files with the contact worksheet as often as the user wants, in FTP directories and Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive accounts.

The Contact Update trigger can also be used to thank any customers who have completed their registration through a form on a specific landing page or hot site. The applications of this trigger are many and varied. Talk to your account manager about your need, and we’ll be more than happy to help.